CARTIER – L’Odyssée – Event Movie

Born in 1847, Cartier is the most famous jeweler of the Place Vendome. The one of excess, of the Arabian nights tales, of Russian and Chinese emperors, of colored stones, of the first wristwatch, … In a nutshell, THE jeweler.

To celebrate its rich history and its 165 years, the brand has created an exceptional movie:  L’Odyssée de Cartier. Led by the fetish-animal of the house, the panther, the viewer enters in the legend, by browsing the banks of the Neva and the Hermitage Museum, the Great Wall of China, the palaces of the Maharajas, the travel of Santos-Dumont, the Grand Palais and finally the Place Vendome, where everything starts and finishes.

The 3m30 film gives pride to the most mythical objects of the house: the Santos watch (1904), the Tank watch (1917), the Trinity ring (1924) or the band Love (1969). It required two years of work, 50 people and 4 million euro budget, directed by Bruno Aveillan. It will be broadcast in 29 countries around the world and absorb 5 to 10% of global communications brand budget. The device launch in France was held on Sunday, March 4, on TF1 where for the first time in history, a mark held entirely ad space between TF1  newshow and the Sunday night movie.

For Bernard Fernas, CEO of the house, « This is an umbrella campaign on the brand, designed to create dreams. » « We always want to go further, do better, stand out from other luxury brands and maintain the desirability of Cartier to the highest for eternity. » « With this film, we wanted to strongly reaffirm the myth Cartier, make a cinematographic mural that foregrounds its history, its values ​​of creativity, elegance and refinement, its inspirations, its artisticand universal dimension, continues the boss. We want to show that this house is the opposite of fashion, fleeting. We are located on the side of the timeless. When they create, develop and manufacture, our teams are not even thinking like others. Our products are designed for life, not for a few seasons.  »

A marvel to watch again and again, that opens the myths and legends of the most famous jeweler in the world.

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