CHANEL N°5 – Huile Intense Bain

Chanel n°5, The absolute Myth.

A fragrance, created in 1921 by Ernest Beaux, who has survived time, fashions and styles to be today’s first perfume sold in France and around the world. This supremacy, far from being accidental, is the result of an ongoing advertising support but also permanent products initiatives.

For Christmas 2011, in limited edition, No. 5 becomes intense oil bath and transforms this prelude to seduction in an intimate and divine ritual. Nobility of a glass bottle, a magic and sophisticate formula. In contact with water, the oil becomes milky to put the so particular of No. 5 fragrance to the skin , « a woman’s perfume with the smell of a woman »  as Mademoiselle Chanel loved to describe it. The skin is soft, scented, a call for more sensual caresses.


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