DIOR – Dior Make Up – Buzz movie

In luxury, communication is the sinews of war. Who will be the last muse? Who will do the most important buzz? Who will find favor with an audience of consumers increasingly versatile and constantly connected?

In this tug of war between giants of beauty, a new media pulls out of the game: the Internet. Not a single communications plan without a specific film for internet , an application for iPhone or Blackberry, …

The first coup was played by Chanel 8 months ago with the film Here Comes The Beauty Pack, a collaboration between the agency Nowness and Peter Phillips.

Today’s turn of Dior reveals his corporate film for makeup: Dior Games’ 80. A film combining the legendary video game of the 80’s (Pac Man, Pong, Super Mario or Tetris) with the most iconic makeup products : lipstick Rouge Dior, 5 color palettes, varnishes, Dior Addict lip gloss… The whole, on the soundtrack of La Roux Tigerlilly, reminds the arcade games and divert geek culture codes to make them luxury.


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