DIOR – Jewellery – Mise en Dior

 Two years after his arrival, Camille Miceli gives us a gem of communication, an eventful movie, pushing the bar higher and higher of creativity and surprise.

Mise en Dior is the best example of  a popular item « luxurisation » or how to make the good old pinball of our childhood, chic and sophisticated. For that, the recipe, apparently so simple and yet so dangerous, was executed with virtuosity.

First, draw a vintage pinball machine, inspired by Louis XVI, in the purest Dior style and let the classic pinball to someone else. You, you play with beads, no less. Then set meticulously the decor by taking the emblems of the house: 30 avenue Montaigne, Lady Dior bag, perfume J’Adore, caning pattern, Tailor Bar and Lucky Star. End all with a complete music inspired by a classic Mozart.

Finally, a film combining content and aesthetic, sense of direction and simplicity. A real success we’d like to see more often.



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