DIOR – Miss Dior – New Advertising Visual

As previously said, Miss Dior Chérie is the answer of Dior to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle success.

Since the launch in 2005, the advertising, the fragrance,… have been constantly and genuinely revised in order to push any further the bounderies of success. Today, Miss Dior Chérie is inside the worldwide top 10 best-sellers in feminine fragrances. To push one step further this success, Dior has decided in 2012 to do a bunch of new initiatives on this satr franchise.

First, the most surprising decision, the name change. Miss Dior Cherie becomes Miss Dior and the Miss Dior from 1947  becomes Miss Dior Original. Probably aimed at facilitating the pronunciation of the perfume for the average American, this initiative still leaves puzzled …

Second decision, to renew communication with Natalie Portman by proposing a new visual to create another desire and interest for consumers. All elements of the Miss Dior communication universe are here: the rose, the molding of Parisian apartment, the Louis XV chair… A visual full of beauty and sensuality.

Finally, the launch of an « eau fraîche » for spring that is designed to attract new clients through an accord of  jasmine and patchouli.

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