Dior – Pola Dior – Event Movie

The digital has opened a whole new field for luxury brands in terms of communication with their consumers by creating a certain proximity. It is characterized, especially for cosmetics brands, through blogs, tutorials, …

Facing the rise of blogging, the corporate brands have decided to reclaim these tools. The first hit was done by Chanel with the make-up-confidential blog and the event film Here Comes The Beauty Pack. Now it’s time to have a replica of Dior.

Much more oriented fashion, in line with the already developed positioning backstage for Dior makeup, the brand will launch its website www.dior-backstage-makeup.com where Internet users will be provided with makeup tips, backstage passes,  previews …  To support this launch, a film, Pola Dior, has just appeared on the canvas.

A real success. Modern, very well done, a lively music, the film exploits the idea of polaroid stolen from the backstage of fashion shows to make us want more.


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