DOLCE & GABBANA – The One Sport – New Perfume

The One and Light Blue pour Homme has allowed Dolce & Gabbana to settle among the famous brands of male perfume. A true success story that the brand intends to further consolidate with a new version of The One, The One Sport.

The territory of sport is a territory fairly classic for men’s fragrance. Fresh fragrances, starring a man, healthy in body and spirit in a world of water (or Polo Blue Polo Sport, Armani Code Sport, Gucci by Gucci Sport, …). Having already a fragrance in this universe (Light Blue Pour Homme), the brand took another part of its patrimony to create this new one: the Italian and antique mythology that accompanies it.

The One Sport is the fragrance of modern gladiators, for men in search of excellence and performance. Discipline, strength, determination are the key values ​​of this man nothing can stop, an athlete who lives his passion to the full to express his talent. The commercial, directed by Mariano Vivanco, photographer of the brand, perfectly transcribed this by diving Adam Senn in the midst of an antique coliseum.

To discover in March 2012.

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