GUERLAIN – Noir G – New mascara

With lipstick, mascara is the indispensable image builder product. It expresses seduction, femininity and elegance.

However, it is very difficult to stand out in an extremely competitive and with a such technical product. Yet Guerlain comes in with superb.

After 2 de Guerlain, a double mascara brushes for a tailor-made result, the brand launches the Noir G, based on her lipstick, Rouge G. Mascara, high definition, sustained intensity and absolute black. Essential for any true seductress, mascara Noir G hides within it a mirror to, at all hours and in all places, bewitch a look around you. Particular case, this mascara is also refillable.

Finally, to support the launch, the mascara will be the must have of the new look Spring 2012, Les Roses et le Noir, which contain in addition to mascara, a blush Meteorites Cruel Gardenia, lush Tailored Harmonies six colors, two caskets 4 colors, four Rouge G Collection Roses and four Kiss Kiss Gloss Collection Roses.

Available in the United States on December 26, January 19 exclusively at Harrods UK and the rest of the world in February 2012.

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