GUERLAIN – Shalimar – Extrait Christmas 2011

The first oriental fragrance, Shalimar invites us to discover the ultimate luxury for the end of 2011.

Born in 1925, Shalimar is the jewel of the Guerlain perfume portfolio. A myth, one of the finest achievements of modern perfumery, a bestseller in France, which remains in the Top 10 for over 85 years.

The story of Shalimar is inseparable from that of another great perfume Guerlain, Jicky. Jacques Guerlain  elaborated Shalimar in 1921 but he presented it only in 1925 at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris at the Grand Palais. As a basis, he took Jicky in which he added vanilla synthesis, « just to see ». Then he deleted the woods and lavender, and added bergamot. Shalimar was born. Its heart became the so specific signature of Guerlain perfumes, the Guerlinade.

It is to celebrate this relationship and the ancestral knowledge of Guerlain that the house offers us the ultimate in perfumery: Shalimar Midnight Blue limited edition.  A giant 490ml bottle in Baccarat crystal glass representing the original design from Jicky’s bottle. The most valuable fragrance with Shalimar extract perfume. 30 copies of prestige, « baudruchés à la main », available for the modest mite of 6500€.


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