LANCÔME – Rouge In Love – New Lipstick

The lipstick is the most iconic accessory of seduction in makeup. Its color schemes, textures and finishes have attracted over the years women around the world. However the appearance of lip gloss made ​​somewhat obsolete this product, deserted by the younger generations in search of lighter textures, less rich.

Lancôme, in line with the aspirations of today young women, decided to reverse the trend and regain the public by launching Rouge in Love, a long-lasting lipstick in a deliciously light texture, like a second skin effect. The brand also emphasizes a lifestyle approach by segmenting its color with three times of day Jolis Matin, Boudoir Time & Tonight Is My Night.

Finally, the communication is carried by the charm of Emma Watson and a very successful film, Love Your Lips, directed by Adria Petty, on the music of Brigitte who revisits their song Oh La La.

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